Delivering help and support where it is most needed

The Food Bank and Money Advice Centre can support you with food boxes and money advice.


You can help us raise money with the two initiatives we currently have active.

For some people getting through the winter months can be difficult, this year will be tougher than ever. With your help we can raise funds to help support those within our community who need it most. You can donate to our Aviva Community Fund Project using this link and learn about The Bromyard Food Bank and Money Advice Centre and the Covid Monster.

Help us raise money while you shop with the Co-op by selecting us as your chosen charity. When you buy selected Co-op products and services, 2p for every £1 spent goes into your membership account. All the money raised will help us support less fortunate people in the area with food parcels and money advice. There is no cost to you, simply selected us as your chosen charity in your Co-op Account via this link.

Monetary Donations

We would be very grateful to receive a monetary donation, no matter how large or small, via PayPal that can be accessed by visiting this temporary website: You do not need to have a PayPal account yourself and both one-off and repeating donations can be activated.


We are looking for volunteer drivers to deliver food boxes, empty donation boxes, and to help in the Food Bank. Please contact us on 07942 672077 to find out more.

Food, Toiletries and other donations

Please leave any donations in either Co-op, Food For All Book Shop, or at The Post Office. We welcome, any tinned products, like meat balls or tuna, or packets like cereal, but no fresh food thank you. We welcome any unused toiletries, shampoo, baby products, and cleaning products.

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