Helen Combe – Bromyard CMA Connect Centre Manager
Helen Combe is a ‘can do’ person who is passionate about bringing hope to people trapped in the tyranny of insurmountable debt, and the fear, shame, anger and mental health problems that accompany it. A wife and mother, she also spent some years as a business development manager, and latterly has worked as a volunteer with Christians Against Poverty, now putting that experience to good use with CMA Connect. Helen is very active in her local church, and with her husband enjoys gardening and growing vegetables, walking and taking a break in their caravan. Their Christian faith has helped them weather many a storm, both emotional and financial, and she is glad to have an opportunity through CMA and the Foodbank to give back to others.

Dee Dunne-Thomas
My background is in education and administration. I moved to Bromyard nearly five years ago from the West Midlands. I serve on Bromyard and Winslow Town Council and attend St. Joseph’s Church where I am responsible for health and safety. I have two very active Jack Russells who make sure I am out on Bringsty Common every day. In this extraordinary year that we are still experiencing, it is vital that we work together and use our individual skills for the common good.

Graham Francis – Money Mentor
Graham Francis believes that everyone has unique talents and abilities but sometimes through life circumstances, people have been denied the opportunity to flourish or simply have made ‘life decisions’ that have led to poor outcomes.  Graham brings many years of experience of developing successful relationships both within the technology industry and the education sector, the latter whilst working with some extremely vulnerable adults in the prison sector.   His Christian faith has shown him that freedom from debt and financial difficulties is often made easier when we trust in God and that often poverty has many painful underlying causes.  When he’s not helping his wife in her vegetable and flower garden, Graham can usually be found in the garage tinkering with his classic cars and motorcycles.